Heavy metal band formed in 1984 at Cincinnati U.S. by guitarist David T. Chastain and Mike Varney, president of Shrapnel Records.
Varney had noticed the shred guitar ability of Chastain, member of CJSS and, at the same time, he wanted to create an output for the talent of young singer Leather Leone, formerly with the San Francisco band Rude Girl. The first band line-up included Leone, Chastain, CJSS bassist Mike Skimmerhorn and drummer Fred Coury, who would later play in Cinderella.

In 1986, Chastain readily declared that "I could never work with these people on a full-time basis because they live all over the country (...). We just get together once a year, record an album and then go off and do our own things". In the case of Chastain, he wrote music for CJSS and his solo albums, as well as producing other artists and managing his own record label.

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