Neve Naive

Neve Naive
When Alexa "Neve" Voss and Stefan "Merse" Ulrich meet in 2008 during a jam session both are already fully equipped with tons of musical experience. Voss made some noise under the moniker Miss Flint as a singer (with the reggae band Jahcoustix and The Outsideplayers) or as a background singer (for Laith Ladeen, Culcha Candela, Flomega, Martin Jondo and Mellow Mark). Ulrich is widely known for his trombone playing with the Jazzanova live band and The Ruffcats.

The chemistry between the two Berlin based musicians was perfect straight away. They meet more and more frequently in Ulrich's bedroom studio and start to work on own songs. Soon the original role allocations of who writes lyrics and who composes music blurs. From 2010 on, the masterplan for the new project NEVE NAIVE develops its form and shape. The duo wants to make cranky, free-spirited, but still accessible pop music that absorbs listeners with extremly up-close and personal lyrics.

The prestigious Berlin label Sonar Kollektiv is attired in and signs NEVE NAIVE off the hook. The result of this deal is a first single at the end of 2011, "Dancer". The accompanying video clip (by Weed & Candy) illustrates in an impressive way the world the music of NEVE NAIVE is situated in. A mystical, extravagant and admirable playful fairyland that invites for endless expeditions.

And that's also the exact same way the first longplayer, "The Inner Peace Of Cat And Bird", comes along. Wrapped in a beautiful painting by Wolfgang Nocke this is a true gem of mordern age pop music. Adult orientated music for people that refuse to grow up. A record like a good friend telling you tales of his life and adventures. Be it of a cheery, thoughtful or confindet nature - the main thing is its honesty and sincerity.

And this sincere and dedicated way of making music is also on display when Alexa and Stefan perfom live. Thanks to the longtime on-stage experience of both partners respectively, you can be extra excited about seeing NEVE NAIVE touring their new album very soon near you.

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