Only Living Witness

Only Living Witness
Only Living Witness was an American metal / hardcore band from Boston, MA
The band was formed in 1989 in Boston, Massachusetts, by Jonah Jenkins (vocals) and Eric Stevenson (drums, ex-Formicide). Eric's brother Kevin Stevenson (guitar) and former Formicide bandmate Roy Costa (bass) completed the line-up. In 1991, Kevin Stevenson and Costa were replaced by Craig Silverman and Chris Crowley. Kevin Stevenson and Costa went on to form The Shods.

Only Living Witness released a few demos before being signed by Century Media Records. Their debut album, Prone Mortal Form was released in 1993. The band performed concerts in fourteen countries including Sweden, England, France, Canada, Italy, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. In 1995 their follow-up CD Innocents was released, but the band had already split up.

Only Living Witness briefly reformed in 2008 for four reunion shows: 14 June and 21 June at The Middle East in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 22 August in Clinton, Massachusetts, and the final show on 30 August in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Jenkins went on to perform the vocal duties in Miltown, Milligram and Raw Radar War.

Eric Stevenson, main composer and drummer, died on August 9, 2011.

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