Kristen Anderson-Lopez And Robert Lopez, Christophe Beck - Frozen
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Label Walt Disney Records β€Žβ€“ 050087301460
Format CD, Album
Barcode 0050087301460
Country Europe
Released 2013
Genre Stage & Screen
Style Soundtrack, Score, Theme

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1 Frozen Heart
2 Do You Want To Build A Snowman?
3 For The First Time In Forever
4 Love Is An Open Door
5 Let It Go
6 Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People
7 In Summer
8 For The First Time In Forever (Reprise)
9 Fixxer Upper
10 Let It Go (Demi Lovato Version)
11 Vuelie (Featuring Cantus)
12 Elsa And Anna
13 The Trolls
14 Coronation Day
15 Heimr Γ€rnadalr
16 Winter's Waltz
17 Sorcery
18 Royal Pursuit
19 Onward And Upward
20 Wolves
21 The North Mountain
22 We Were So Close
23 Marshmallow Attack!
24 Conceal, Don't Feel
25 Only An Act Of True Love
26 Summit Siege
27 Return To Arendelle
28 Treason
29 Some People Are Worth Melting For
30 Whiteout
31 The Great Thaw (Vuelie Reprise)
32 Epilogue
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Adam Overett
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Adinah Alexander
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Annaleigh Ashford
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Annie Lopez
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Augie Castagnola
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Ben Crawford
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Benjamin Schrader
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Bob Joyce
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Caroline Bowman
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Darlesia Cearcy
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Edward Levy
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Ellyn Marie Marsh
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Jason Michael Snow
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Jasper Randall
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Jennifer Perry
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – John Eric Parker
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Katie Lopez
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Kevin Del Aguila
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Kevin Duda
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Kristen Anderson-Lopez
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Lawrence Stallings
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Lewis Cleale
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Lucia Spina
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Nikki James
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Randy Crenshaw
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Robert Lopez
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Rory O'Malley
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Sara Wordsworth
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Scott Barnhardt
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Stephen Grimm
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Timothy Gonzales
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Tommar Wilson
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Tory Ross
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Vatsche Barsoumian
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Will Goldman
Choir [Frozen Cast Choir] – Woody Buck
Choir [Score], Alto Vocals [Score] – Adriana Manfredi
Choir [Score], Alto Vocals [Score] – Aleta Braxton-O'Brien
Choir [Score], Alto Vocals [Score] – Amy Fogerson
Choir [Score], Alto Vocals [Score] – Harriet Fraser
Choir [Score], Alto Vocals [Score] – Jessica Rotter
Choir [Score], Alto Vocals [Score] – Kristen Toedtman
Choir [Score], Alto Vocals [Score] – Marijke Van Niekerk
Choir [Score], Alto Vocals [Score] – Nancy Sulahian
Choir [Score], Bass Vocals [Score] – Abdiel Gonzalez
Choir [Score], Bass Vocals [Score] – Dylan Gentile
Choir [Score], Bass Vocals [Score] – Jake Monaco
Choir [Score], Bass Vocals [Score] – Jim Campbell
Choir [Score], Bass Vocals [Score] – Michael Geiger
Choir [Score], Bass Vocals [Score] – Reid Bruton
Choir [Score], Bass Vocals [Score] – Scott Graff
Choir [Score], Bass Vocals [Score] – Will Goldman
Choir [Score], Soprano Vocals [Score] – Elin Carlson
Choir [Score], Soprano Vocals [Score] – Elissa Johnston
Choir [Score], Soprano Vocals [Score] – Hayden Eberhart
Choir [Score], Soprano Vocals [Score] – Jennifer Haydn-Jones
Choir [Score], Soprano Vocals [Score] – Karen Hogle Brown
Choir [Score], Soprano Vocals [Score] – Lesley Leighton
Choir [Score], Soprano Vocals [Score] – Suzanne Waters
Choir [Score], Tenor Vocals [Score] – A.J. Teshin
Choir [Score], Tenor Vocals [Score] – Daniel Chaney
Choir [Score], Tenor Vocals [Score] – Gerald White
Choir [Score], Tenor Vocals [Score] – Michael Lichtenauer
Choir [Score], Tenor Vocals [Score] – Shawn Kirchner
Choir [Score], Tenor Vocals [Score] – Steven Harms
Choir [Score], Tenor Vocals [Score] – Todd Strange
Conductor [Score] – Tim Davies
Conductor [Songs] – Stephen Oremus
Contractor [Score Choir], Conductor [Score Choir] – Jasper Randall
Contractor [Score] – Peter Rotter
Contractor [Songs] – Reggie Wilson
Coordinator [Music Production Coordinator] – Ashley Chafin
Coordinator [Score] – Leo Birenberg
Coordinator [Score] – Zach Robinson
Copyist [Music Preperation] – Booker White
Copyist [Music Preperation] – Joann Kane Music Service
Crew [Scoring] – Greg Dennen
Crew [Scoring] – Richard Wheeler Jr.
Crew [Scoring] – Ryan Robinson
Design [Package] – Steve Sterling
Edited By [Music Editor], Producer [Production/Songs] – Earl Ghaffari
Edited By [Music Editor], Score – Fernand Bos
Engineer [Score Technical Engineer] – Tom Hardisty
Executive-Producer [Executive Music Assistant] – Jill Heffley
Mastered By [Soundtrack] – Bob Ludwig
Orchestra, Accordion – Brian Mann
Orchestra, Banjo – John Goux
Orchestra, Bass [String Bass 1st] – Michael Valerio
Orchestra, Bass [String Bass 1st] – Nico Abondolo
Orchestra, Bass [String Bass] – Christian Kollgaard
Orchestra, Bass [String Bass] – Dave Stone
Orchestra, Bass [String Bass] – Drew Dembowski
Orchestra, Bass [String Bass] – Edward Meares
Orchestra, Bass [String Bass] – Karl Vincent
Orchestra, Bass [String Bass] – Nicolas Philippon
Orchestra, Bass [String Bass] – Oscar Hidalgo
Orchestra, Bass [String Bass] – Stephen Dress
Orchestra, Bassoon – Judith Farmer
Orchestra, Bassoon – Katherine Oliver
Orchestra, Bassoon – Kenneth Munday
Orchestra, Bassoon [1st] – Rose Corrigan
Orchestra, Bongos – Don Heffington
Orchestra, Cello – Armen Ksajikian
Orchestra, Cello – Cameron Stone
Orchestra, Cello – Cecilia Tsan
Orchestra, Cello – Christine Ermacoff
Orchestra, Cello – Dane Little
Orchestra, Cello – Dennis Karmazyn
Orchestra, Cello – George Kim Scholes
Orchestra, Cello – Giovanna Clayton
Orchestra, Cello – John Walz
Orchestra, Cello – Kevan Torfeh
Orchestra, Cello – Paul Cohen
Orchestra, Cello – Paula Hochhalter
Orchestra, Cello – Suzie Katayama
Orchestra, Cello – Timothy Landauer
Orchestra, Cello – Vahe Hayrikyan
Orchestra, Cello [1st] – Andrew Shulman
Orchestra, Cello [1st] – Steve Erdody
Orchestra, Clarinet – Don Markese
Orchestra, Clarinet – Gary Bovyer
Orchestra, Clarinet – Ralph Williams
Orchestra, Clarinet [1st] – Stuart Clark
Orchestra, Drums – Matt Chamberlain
Orchestra, Drums – Matt Hankle
Orchestra, Electric Bass – Abraham Laboriel
Orchestra, Fiddle – Sara Watkins
Orchestra, Flute – Heather Clark
Orchestra, Flute [1st] – Geraldine Rotella
Orchestra, Flute [1st] – Steve Kujala
Orchestra, French Horn – Andrew Bain
Orchestra, French Horn – Brad Warnaar
Orchestra, French Horn – Brian O'Connor
Orchestra, French Horn – Daniel Kelley
Orchestra, French Horn – David Everson
Orchestra, French Horn – Dylan Hart
Orchestra, French Horn – Jenny Kim
Orchestra, French Horn – John Reynolds
Orchestra, French Horn – Mark Adams
Orchestra, French Horn – Phil Yao
Orchestra, French Horn – Steven Becknell
Orchestra, French Horn [1st] – Jim Thatcher
Orchestra, Guitar – Andrew Synowiec
Orchestra, Guitar – George Doering
Orchestra, Harp – JoAnn Turovsky
Orchestra, Keyboards – Bryan Pezzone
Orchestra, Keyboards – Randy Kerber
Orchestra, Keyboards – Tim Heintz
Orchestra, Keyboards – Tom Ranier
Orchestra, Oboe – Chris Bleth
Orchestra, Oboe – Joseph Stone
Orchestra, Oboe [1st] – Leslie Reed
Orchestra, Oboe [1st] – Phillip Ayling
Orchestra, Percussion – Alan Estes
Orchestra, Percussion – Alex AcuΓ±a
Orchestra, Percussion – Brian Kilgore
Orchestra, Percussion – Dan Greco
Orchestra, Percussion – Donald Williams
Orchestra, Percussion – Edward Atkatz
Orchestra, Percussion – Gregory Goodall
Orchestra, Percussion – John Wakefield
Orchestra, Percussion – Kenneth McGrath
Orchestra, Percussion – Luis Conte
Orchestra, Percussion – M.B. Gordy
Orchestra, Percussion – Walter Rodriguez
Orchestra, Percussion [1st] – Mike Englander
Orchestra, Percussion [1st] – Wade Culbreath
Orchestra, Saxophone – Brandon Fields
Orchestra, Saxophone – Dan Higgins
Orchestra, Saxophone – Jay Mason
Orchestra, Trombone – Andrew Malloy
Orchestra, Trombone – Andy Martin
Orchestra, Trombone – Bill Reichenbach
Orchestra, Trombone – Craig Ware
Orchestra, Trombone – Phil Teele
Orchestra, Trombone – Steve Holtman
Orchestra, Trombone [1st] – Alex Iles
Orchestra, Trombone [1st] – William Booth
Orchestra, Trumpet – Barry Perkins
Orchestra, Trumpet – Dan Fomero
Orchestra, Trumpet – David Washburn
Orchestra, Trumpet – Jon Lewis
Orchestra, Trumpet – Wayne Bergeron
Orchestra, Trumpet [1st] – Malcolm McNab
Orchestra, Tuba – Doug Tornquist
Orchestra, Viola – Alma Fernandez
Orchestra, Viola – Andrew Duckles
Orchestra, Viola – Briana Bandy
Orchestra, Viola – Caroline Buckman
Orchestra, Viola – Cassandra Richburg
Orchestra, Viola – Darrin McCann
Orchestra, Viola – David Walther
Orchestra, Viola – Elizabeth Wilson
Orchestra, Viola – Erik Rynearson
Orchestra, Viola – Jennie Hansen
Orchestra, Viola – Jerome Gordon
Orchestra, Viola – Kathryn Reddish
Orchestra, Viola – Keith Greene
Orchestra, Viola – Luke Maurer
Orchestra, Viola – Matthew Funes
Orchestra, Viola – Michael Nowak
Orchestra, Viola – Pamela Goldsmith
Orchestra, Viola – Robert Brophy
Orchestra, Viola – Roland Kato
Orchestra, Viola – Scott Hosfeld
Orchestra, Viola – Shawn Mann
Orchestra, Viola [1st] – Brian Dembow
Orchestra, Viola [1st] – Victoria Miskolczy
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Alyssa Park
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Amy Hershberger
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Anatoly Rosinsky
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Armen Anassian
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Bruce Dukov
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Caroline Campbell
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Tina Chang Qu
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Charlie Bisharat
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Clayton Haslop
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Dimitrie Leivici
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Endre Granat
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Eun-Mee Ahn
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Helen Nightengale
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Irina Voloshina
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Jaqueline Brand
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Jay Rosen
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Jeanne Skrocki
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Jessica Guideri
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Josefina Vergara
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Julie Gigante
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Katia Popov
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Kenneth Yerke
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Kevin Connolly
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Lisa Sutton
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Lorand Lokuszta
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Mala Jasper
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Marc Sazer
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Marina Manukian
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Maxwell Karmazyn
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Natalie Leggett
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Nina Evtuhov
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Paul Henning
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Phillip Levy
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Radu Pieptea
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Rafael Rishik
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Rebecca Bunnell
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Richard Altenbach
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Roberto Cani
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Sara Parkins
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Sarah Thornblade
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Serena McKinney
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Shalini Vijayan
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Songa Lee
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Tamara Hatwan
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Tereza Stanislav
Orchestra, Violin [2nd] – Tiffany Hu
Orchestra, Violin, Concertmaster – Roger Wilkie
Orchestrated By [Additional Song Orchestration] – Christophe Beck
Orchestrated By [Additional Song Orchestration] – Doug Besterman
Orchestrated By [Additional Song Orchestration] – Stephen Oremus
Orchestrated By [Score Orchestrations] – David Metzger
Orchestrated By [Score Orchestrations] – Kevin Kliesch
Orchestrated By [Score Orchestrations] – Tim Davies
Orchestrated By [Songs] – David Metzger
Other [Music Business Affairs] – Donna Cole-BrulΓ©
Other [Vocal Coaching] – Sam Kriger
Producer [Music Production Assistant] – Jimmy Tsai
Producer [Music Production Director] – Andrew Page
Producer [Original Score] – Jake Monaco
Producer [Original Songs] – Kristen Anderson-Lopez
Producer [Original Songs] – Robert Lopez
Producer [Soundtrack Album] – Chris Montan
Producer [Soundtrack Album] – Christophe Beck
Producer [Soundtrack Album] – Kristen Anderson-Lopez
Producer [Soundtrack Album] – Robert Lopez
Producer [Soundtrack Album] – Tom MacDougall
Production Manager [Music Production Director] – Andrew Page
Recorded By [Additional Song Recording] – Jens Koerkemeier
Recorded By [Additional Song Recording] – Jo Ranheim
Recorded By [Additional Song Recording] – Joey Raia
Recorded By [Additional Song Recording] – John Hanes
Recorded By [Additional Song Recording] – Kevin Harp
Recorded By [Additional Song Recording] – Niko Bolas
Recorded By [Additional Song Recording] – Pat Thrall
Recorded By [Recording Assistants] – Chandler Harrod
Recorded By [Recording Assistants] – Charlie Paakkari
Recorded By [Recording Assistants] – David Schwerkolt
Recorded By [Recording Assistants] – Geoff Neal
Recorded By [Recording Assistants] – Morgan Stratton
Recorded By [Recording Assistants] – Steve Genewick
Recorded By [Recording Assistants] – Timothy Marchiafava
Recorded By [Recording Assistants] – Tyler Hartman
Recorded By [Score], Mixed By [Score] – Casey Stone
Recorded By [Songs], Mixed By [Songs] – David Boucher
Score [Digital Recordist] – Larry Mah
Score [Original] – Christophe Beck (11 to 32)
Songwriter [Original Songs] – Kristen Anderson-Lopez (1 to 10)
Songwriter [Original Songs] – Robert Lopez (1 to 10)
Vocals [Additional Dialogue As "Young Elsa"] – Eva Bella
Vocals [Featured Vocalist Score] – Christine Hals
Additional recording at Sunset Studios, Capitol Studios, Avatar Studios, Chalice Recording, MixStar Studios and Øra Studio.
Barcode – 0 50087 30146 0
Rights Society – BIEM/SDRM
Matrix / Runout (Variant 1) – 00500 873 014-6 01 # 53384580
Mastering SID Code (Variant 1) – IFPI L787
Mould SID Code (Variant 1) – IFPI 0120
Matrix / Runout (Variant 2) – [4 x Universal Logo] 00500 873 014-6 02 # 53384580 MADE IN GERMANY BY EDC U
Mastering SID Code (Variant 2) – IFPI LV27
Mould SID Code (Variant 2) – IFPI 0140
Matrix / Runout (Variant 3) – [4 x Universal Logo] 00500 873 014-6 02 ❋ 53384580 MADE IN GERMANY BY EDC U
Mastering SID Code (Variant 3) – IFPI LV26
Mould SID Code (Variant 3) – IFPI 0140
Matrix / Runout (Variant 4) – [4 x Universal Logo] 00500 873 014-6 02 ❋ 53384580 MADE IN GERMANY BY EDC A
Mastering SID Code (Variant 4) – IFPI LV26
Mould SID Code (Variant 4) – IFPI 0150
Matrix / Runout (Variant 5) – [4 x Universal Logo] 00500 873 014-6 02 # 53384580 MADE IN GERMANY BY EDC G
Mastering SID Code (Variant 5) – IFPI LZ87
Mould SID Code (Variant 5) – IFPI 0151


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