Target Records

Danish sub-label for Target Group founded in 2003.

Use only when Target Records logo appears verbatim

Catalogue number scheme:

XX is the format identifier:
- "CD" = CD
- "LP" = Vinyl
- "EP" = EP (any format)
- "S" = Single (any format)
- "CAS" = Cassette
- "LTD" = Limited Edition (in addition to another identifier, e.g. LPLDT)
- "PR" = Promo (any format)

YY is the manufacturing year identifier:
e.g. 12 = 2012

ZZ indicates the intended order of release in a year.

Example: TARGET1901CD was released in 2019, is the first planned release of the year 2019 and its format is CD.

For unofficial releases, see Target Records.

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