Melodic Death Metal Band from Schwandorf (Bavaria, Germany) formed 1997.
They released the 7" vinyl Deadlock in 1999. After this came the EP I'll Wake You, When Spring Awakes in 2000.
2002 saw the release of their first album, The Arrival.
Their second album, Earth. Revolt was released in 2005. Their third album, Wolves, was released in 2007. The track "Code of Honor" was turned into their first music video. Their fourth album, Manifesto, was released in November 2008.
Deadlock have recently completed their new album Bizarro World, which is due out in February 2011

Current line-up Others
Sabine Weniger: Vocals
John Gahlert: Bass
Sebastian Reichl: Guitar
Tobias Graf: Drums
Gert Rymen: Guitar
Johannes Prem: Vocals

Former/Past members
Thomas Huschka: Bass
Hans-Georg Bartmann: Bass
Thomas Gschwendner: Guitar

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