Glenn Gould

Glenn Gould
Canadian pianist (born September 25, 1932 in Toronto, Canada - died October 04, 1982 in Toronto, Canada) known especially for his recordings of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and his eccentric piano technique and personality.
He recorded most of Bach's keyboard works, all of Mozart's sonatas, all five of Beethoven's piano concertos and 23 of the 32 piano sonatas, the complete piano works and Lieder of Arnold Schoenberg, works by Sibelius, Bizet, Richard Strauss and Paul Hindemith.
Gould was also a composer, writer, lecturer, and producer of radio documentaries and television programs.

Gould assumed the parts of fictitious characters such as: "dean of British conductors", Sir Nigel Twitt-Thornwaite; a German critic, Dr. Herbert von Hochmeister; and a New York cab driver, Theodore Slutz of Brooklyn Heights. Other alter egos were Dr. Karlheinz Klopweisser, a German composer and critic; Sir Humphrey Price-Davies, a "BBC-type pedagogue"; Duncan Haig-Guinness, a Canadian radio producer; and two psychiatrists, S.F. Lemming, M.D., and Wolfgang von Krankmeister. He even published certain articles under the name "Herbert von Hochmeister". Some of these characters were used on

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