Abanico Records

Abanico Records
Record label Tropical / Latin \“Abanico Records\” parts of Smayra Publishing.
Rare records reissues and melodies not issued on 33 rpm 12-inch vinyl and digital CD.
Thanks to an exclusive partnership with \“The Art Studios\” and \“Smayra Publishing\” Abanico Records can count on a complete autonomy in pre-production, in the engraving of music and the development of the entire recording project.
A growing list of contacts between experts and the public offerings un’considerevole visibility and promotion of publications output.
Market strategies and relationships; technical expertise, management and music; human resource development and creativity; breadth of vision, experimentation, research objectives, performance review;
Abanico Records is an expert in the research of old audio tracks lost in time!
Executive Director Alessio Grossi (aka Dj Alexio)
Label Established in Milan in 2015
Founded by Fabrizio Zoro & Alexio Dj.
Abanico Records: MAXIMA FIDELIDAD.

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