German label used for audio books and children's music.
Originally the label was a budget label and was used in various countries by Deutsche Grammophon GmbH and its affiliates and successors.
Its name and logo are very likely an adaptation of Karusell with one s - a Swedish pop and jazz label that Deutsche Grammophon GmbH had acquired in 1962.

In 1967, Deutsche Grammophon started to use the label - now with two s in the middle - as a budget label for less prominent artists and reissues of their pop and jazz segment. Also records for children and similar stuff belong into the first series with cat# 635 ###. This first series had red labels. The label Tip was also used in this field.

In 1970, the 7 digit cat# series were introduced and Karussell started a bunch of series. For the dating: All releases until mid 1972 show a label design with two lines of perimeter text at the bottom. The 2nd line states: "Made by Deutsche Grammophon Hamburg".

The early label designs usually show the large deep groove pressing ring of Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft Pressing Plant, no matter whether red or golden labels. On the rear cover we commonly find a credit for the printer Gerhard Kaiser GmbH, Essen, followed by "Manufactured by Deutsche Grammophon Hamburg". These early versions usually show a lacquer cut date code at the runout, that could help to find the correct release date and for this reason the runout matrix should be added.

From mid 1972, the pressing rings become smaller, similar to the later Phonodisc GmbH versions. The label with the two lines faded out and was replaced by a single line perimeter text version. The pressing company was renamed to Phonodisc GmbH from the beginning of 1973. The Deutsche Grammophon Hamburg credits disappeared from the labels and covers.

In Germany, the label was operated by Karussell Musik & Video GmbH from 1989 to 1999. Nowadays, the brand is owned by Universal Music Entertainment GmbH according to GVL.
In Australasia, this label was used for the issue of CD's issued in the U.K. under the Spectrum label.

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