British independent label, founded by Quinton Scott.

1999-2003: Strut was one of the UK's leading record labels dedicated to unearthing the lost gems of dance music past, covering music from hard funk, underground disco, original breaks and Nigerian Afrobeat to old skool hip hop and forgotten music library classics.

Set up in 1999 to document important areas of dance music's history, Strut's releases cut no corners, bringing together killer dancefloor tracks as well as giving a full context to the music, telling the story of the characters behind the tunes, the clubs and the scene of the time. The albums are mastered from original tapes wherever possible and feature extensive sleeve notes, researched and written by respected journalists, rare photographs and memorabilia.

Strut was reactivated in January 2008 and was acquired by the !K7 label group. Please enter the country as Europe on releases after that date unless there is an exclusive retailer in another territory.

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