Ocora is a French label dedicated to traditional forms of music with a worldwide coverage.
Ocora has published more than 600 records for scientific purposes and also for the general audience on vinyl, cassette and compact-disc.

Formerly known as "Société de radiodiffusion de la France d’outre-mer", SORAFOM was founded in 1955 by Pierre Schaeffer as a cooperation venture to train radio engineers in African national broadcasting services, and also to record and preserve African rural soundscapes.

SORAFOM became "Office de coopération radiophonique" (OCORA) on April the 14th of 1962, as part of Radio France to collect and preserve traditional music heritage.
Ocora was initially run by composer and musicologist Charles Duvelle.

Label code: LC 11719

A full discography is included in published by Sublime Frequencies.

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