Please note the takeover of the PolyGram group did not happen until early 1999 so if a label from that group (Mercury, Polydor, Decca, Verve Records, Philips etc) appears it is 1999 or later. Also, if a 7 digit catalogue number xxxxxx-x is listed it indicates the release is using the adopted PolyGram system so it's 1999 or later.

The Universal brand/label name dates from March 1996 when the newly named Universal Music Group rebranded their Rising Tide label Universal (leaving the earlier label's country acts on a much reduced Nashville-based Rising Tide subsidiary). However, it did not become more widely used in the group until the rebranding of MCA Records Inc. and its subsidiary operations in late December 1996. Universal as a label brand beyond the US dates to after that, in 1997, when the rebranding went around the world. The current (2023) black and white simplified logo with the word in a flat plane was introduced at that time.

Label brand used by the Universal Music Group and its affiliated companies, and former sister company Universal Studios.
Label Code: LC 1846 / LC 01846.
The "Universal" name (not the logo) can also be entered for company roles, whenever mentioned as such but please note the below on the appearance of "Universal" in the matrix of CD releases:

Please note, the presence of a six-digit plus one digit cat # (xxxxxx-x) makes a release post-PolyGram merger, so 1999 or later.

CDs with the Universal logo in the matrix are not pressed by Universal. It means the CD was released by Universal, a Universal sub-label or released by a record company using Universal as one of their main marketing and distribution companies. An example of this can be found on '' which was a Sony/Universal joint release, with Sony DADC manufacturing the item at their plant in Austria, with the Universal logo lasered in the mirror band of the CD where the matrix is found. As Universal had previously owned and managed their own plants, the coincidence of the Universal logo being found on Universal M&L/UML made CDs was extremely common. In such cases, please refrain from applying a manufacturing credit.

For releases which state "MFG BY UNIVERSAL" in the matrix, along with SID codes IFPI L77* and/or IFPI 2A**, please credit Universal, Pinckneyville, IL as instructed on its profile.

Releases containing the logo of a dark planet with satellites belong to Universal Records.

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